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barkley July 29 2014, 22:28

Here I Go Again and Again

All that random commentary I had about brothers playing the same sport while one has achieved a lot more? That was before I knew that Tobias had a tattoo of little brother Bastian (in his losing and then winning pose).

It's a rather large tattoo (see here.)


I do not think I've been on a laundry strike, but man, is it accumulating! Please make it stop!


Local pop music not available in US Itunes or Amazon reaching epidemic levels. (OK, there are now two songs I want.) Efforts to procure saids songs today met with misery, gnashing, wailing, all the usual stuff. Next plan of attack is to get an amazon gift card from the store as apparently a US credit card with a German billing address doesn't work in either of those stores, and I think I need to go the amazon route as there is a 90 day rule in iTunes that worries me.


Never underestimate the Power of Whitesnake on a Monday morning. Radio Regenbogen, sometimes, I salute your musical choices!
killabeez July 29 2014, 06:16

Old and tiny fandoms

So, I'm feeling a little jaded about current fandoms. I mean, I have some—Vikings, Grimm, Haven and Lost Girl are all still on my radar. But I'm feeling the need to go all nostalgic, and I feel that fic will be the result. Not that I think you all care that much about what I might write, but just, you know, hypothetically! Is there something amongst these esoteric choices that might grab you? Please to be giving me your input.

Poll #1976916 Old and tiny fandoms
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 55

What old/tiny fandom should I rewatch in the immediate future?

View Answers
19 (19.0%)
15 (15.0%)
6 (6.0%)
2 (2.0%)
10 (10.0%)
5 (5.0%)
Star Trek (TOS)
22 (22.0%)
Magnificent 7
11 (11.0%)
1 (1.0%)
9 (9.0%)
killabeez July 29 2014, 05:33


Tired. Frazzled. Life stuff. [fill in blanks]

Hey, does anyone remember a comm from a few years back where people watched vids in fandoms they knew nothing about, and then wrote commentary on the vids? Like, using the vid as a fandom interpretive lens? I remember that as being very amusing, and I would like to find it again. Any help appreciated!

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barkley July 28 2014, 20:38

I've Got to Concentrate, Concentrate, Concentrate [1]

So I went to work today, trying to concentrate, like you do on a Monday morning, and I click Bing to see if my public internet was working and guess who is trending along with all the important world topics?

if your guess doesn't rhyme with Pine Shtiger?...Collapse )

It's good that the rest of this country has as screwed up priorities as I do and wants to watch and/or comment on drunken Bastian singing BVB you sons of bitches. And then watch his video apology on facebook. And then read Borussia Dortmund player (and National teammate ) saying, "Bastian, that wasn't cool, but you're still a class guy. We are A-OK." And then read a Borussia Dortmund official team posting, "Apology accepted. Congrats on your world cup win! We mean it! And if you want singing lessons, let us know. We are always happy to help!"

That is drama worthy of trending right next to Gaza and the Ukraine and Ebola.

Other things I learned from Bing: 100 years ago today WW I started.

[1] I can remember nothing about my subject line except for some poor exasperated woman[1] in some commercial in the 80s. Must go google. Not bing. Perhaps if Bing had been named ChnandlerBong, it would become the verb they were hoping it would be. But alas.
[2] Hahahah, I googled and it's from Airplane. Wow, I totally made up a whole late night TV commercial in my head as to where that is from. (I think it was the Calgon lady.)
barkley July 27 2014, 20:12

10, 000 hours and other lies

Important question: I am currently not of sound mind and being as I am fannish and contemplating stupid things. So the German National team is starting the European qualifying matches. There are exactly two of them I can get to this year and they both suck.

First one is a month away against Scotland. It's in Dortmund at 8:45 on a Sunday night, so I'd have to blow a precious vacation day for this. And Dortmund fans might not be nice to Schweinsteiger after a video of him singing "Bvb you sons of bitches" leaked to youtube this weekend. (Finally, something that didn't get flagged by the German youtube police!)

OR there is one, on my birthday! On a Friday Night. In November. In Nuremberg because it just got moved two days ago due to Bremen wanting more money! This seems like a delightful way to ease into winter. It all seems so perfect! The downside is, it is against Gibraltar, who begged and begged to be let into this, and finally EUFA said yes. (And agreed to keep separated them from Spain which landed them in the group with Germany.) So I am thinking the score might be downright uncomfortable. But location and timing are v. appealing! And tickets should be easy to come by!

So which one should I do if any? Does anyone even care about these? Will the atmosphere suck? I mean, tickets are still available for the Scotland game which is a warning sign right there...


FC Bayern played at the Telekom cup this weekend. Bastian's older brother Tobias Schweinsteiger played for five minutes at the end. (He normally plays for FC Bayern II, the "minor leagues", but their squad is depleted with World Cup slackers still on vacation) I always find the brothers in same sports situations interesting, but the brothers in same sports would probably want the rest of the world to butt out and stop asking the same questions because I can't imagine they are fun for anyone, let alone hyper competitive folks. But the questions persist and I read them because I am nosy. I read somewhere this weekend that Bastian said that Tobias stuck with skiing longer than he did before he committed to football, and all those lost hours couldn't be overcome. It's a nice story.

But I do think the part where almost every kid I see here playing has a soccerball, no matter where they are, is always going to hamper the US's ability to become a powerhouse all on their own. OTOH, the US have a larger draw of people. So maybe there are an equal amount of US kids running around with a soccerball all day long, I just don't see them at the Jersey shore. Ever. 3/6 weepeeps play soccer. I have not once seen them kick a ball around for fun outside of a game.


I swear I had something else to talk about, oh, customer service! And how jeans are so hard to find. I wanted to buy a pair of "German" jeans so I could blend better, and I looked in store after store. And finally I found one store where there was selection! And the saleslady said I was looking at the winter jeans and doing it wrong and I had to look at the summer jeans. OK, summer jeans were on sale, and they seemed thick, so I went to look at summer jeans. I tried two on, they were too long. She was, essentially like, "so sad, too bad, better luck next time." So I went back to the rack to find short cut jeans myself. And then those were too tight so I went back to find a different size. And basically all she ever did was quiz me as to my experiences in the dressing room. Not once did she ask me what I was looking for or helped me look. Odd. But I let her scrawl on my little thing that I took to the cash register so she could get her helpful points. The downside is, they aren't "dress" jeans, so I will have to go back at some point because they are the only store in all of Karlsruhe that sells jeans that are not low cut.
barkley July 26 2014, 09:13

Who's Got Opposable Thumbs?

And tickets to the opening game of the Karlsruhe Sports Club? That's right, me! 2. Bundesliga starts earlier than 1. Bundesliga, so this is part of my plan to economically work my way up to dream goal of FC Bayern München.

Now let's talk about weather. I played soccer for 8 years, and it took me a long, long time to stop associating oncoming autumn weather with the game. I was very disoriented my first year of college where there was no soccer in the fall for me (for alas, I went to a division I school, and me? So not division I.) But anyway, I am under no illusions that 3 August will have that same sort of weather, but based on last weekend? It totally could! But it could also be 90 degrees. Let's hope for some crappy weather to come on in!

Speaking of which, I must now use this crap weather to go shopping as it is Saturday! Joyous Saturday when shops are open. (Except not in my town because my town only sells food. I mean, they are selling food today, but I do not need food. I need clothing.)
quickreaver July 25 2014, 16:26


The increasingly skilled, always delightful amber1960 did a thing for deirdre_c's berfday that will make ya smile. I promise. TRUST ME AND CHECK IT OUT. (It might possibly be NSFW if you work in a highly sensitive environment but there's no naughty bits showing and it's a sketch, so nothing highly detailed. Just a heads up.) It really is sweet and charming and looks just like Sam! Fantastic job, Amb!
tabaqui July 25 2014, 06:30

The World Where Yesternight You Died - part 6

Finally, i know! Sorry about that, guys. Anyway - i'm also working on my fanwork auction fics - never fear! Well, on two of them. Still need a prompt from one person, but yes - they're happening!

'Tis the season here for my favorite flower in the world - the chicory flower. *happy sigh* Chicory and Queen Anne's Lace - love 'em! (For those who aren't sure what chicory is like... :) Lovely stuff.

And now...the fic. Thanks for staying with me, guys. :) All praise and thanks heaped upon darkhavens for her ever-perfect beta'ing.

Also at AO3.

Quite lost, and all but all forgot....Collapse )

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barkley July 24 2014, 21:39

No subject

Are there any English surnames that have animals in them? (This actually came up a month ago, just re-ignited in my brain recently when I tried to translate my latest crush's name into English.)


Joachim Loew messes with ball boy -- this one makes me giggle at the look on ball boy's face as he goes from "Hey!" to "oh, go ahead, sir!".

Who knew that Airplane was a spoof remake of another movie! Airplane/Zero Hour comparison.


Lesson learned: Do not transport the Hoepfner half case empties in your trunk as it will tip over in the traffic circle. And then your trunk will smell like beer after it's been in there all day long in the sun.

Lesson learned #2 as I passed lots of people putting groceries and drinks into their trunks: Everyone's trunk smells like beer in the summer.

Semi Victory: I challenged the checkout clerk in the drink mart and won! In Deutsch! OK, I basically used the numbers one and two as he tried to charge me for wrong and then extra beer. But he was really nice and friendly about it all. If a bit bad at actually scanning.

(and to be honest, I am not sure there is much difference in price between the two cases, but I felt I had to...)

I also did not kick dude out of my seat on the train last night, but did kick sprawly boy across the way out of his 2nd seat. (It was SRO half way through, he would have been kicked eventually. Hell, last week, I kicked a policewoman out of my seat cause the train was full. I am not sure I am doing train etiquette right, but I figure if work is paying for a seat reservation, the least I can do is use it.)

digitalwave July 24 2014, 17:33

Just checking in!!!

Hi guys!

Sorry that I haven't checked in before now, we've been pretty busy since we got here. St Augustine is amazing! It rained a lot the first few days but we have a motto we go by when we're on vacation, the weather is the weather, no matter what, we'll have fun.

We picked up some stuff at Winn Dixie and have fixed most of our meals in the condo. It's just as pretty as the pictures showed! We've been out and about exploring, in town, down highway A1A along the coast, to some of the local monuments.

I found out something neat when I was looking up info about the Castillo, St. Augustine's fort. Because I had my paperwork for my permanent disability I was able to get my Access pass. That meant we got in for free and it covers all Federal Parks, Monuments, Memorials, everything! It covers me and two others or a whole car full if you pay by the car.

We've saved back money, and used coupons the condo gave us, and have done two paid things, the Ghost and Gravestones Trolley tour and drove down to the Space Center. The tour was a lot of fun and included a tour of the Old Jail. The Space Center was unbelievable, we got to see Atlantis!

We were a little disappointed because there was supposed to be a launch last night but they had to scrub it for technical reasons, none of us have ever seen one live. They've rescheduled it for today at 7:00pm but we can't afford the extra $75.00 they would want to let us back in. I called to see how much it was. But, that's okay, it was still wonderful and we have lots of amazing memories to cherish.

I've got a ton of pictures that I'll get posted in an album as soon as I can. Thanks again, from the bottom of my heart, for helping to make this trip possible for us. It means more to me than I can ever tell you and I love you guys sooo much! :)


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embroiderama July 23 2014, 19:15

WC fic: Not Lost But Found (PG) Neal, Peter, El gen

Title: Not Lost But Found
Author: embroiderama
Rating: PG
Pairing/characters: Peter, Neal, El
Word count: 1,750
Spoilers: nothing specific
Warnings: (spoilery for the story, highlight to read) presumed character death – NO actual character death
Summary: Peter’s been kidnapped before, but this time is worse. This time, he believes he’s lost everything until Neal arrives with back-up and first-aid and the truth.

Notes: This was written for an excellent picture prompt from kanarek13 in the Comfest 2014 challenge. Go look at the pic—it’s gorgeous, and it’ll show you that this is all about Peter angst.


Peter had slept soundly while a man entered his home, climbed his stairs and opened his bedroom door. He woke to the hissing pop of a bullet shot through a silencer and only opened his eyes in time to see the shadowed movement of the gun as it swung toward his head, and then there was nothing.Collapse )

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rednihilist July 23 2014, 02:10

Meme-Type Thing But Not. Fic Queries? Behind the Scenes? Ask Away!

So, I'm not up for writing a whole new fic, but I miss playing around in the sandbox, you understand. So, my proposition is, hey, ask me something; let's chat about all this stuff I've amassed but never finished. Any gaps you want filled in? Scenes I glossed over that you're dying to see? Characters whose fates you're curious about? Let me know! Hit me with your best shot! *channels Pat Benatar*


embroiderama July 22 2014, 16:46

Seven Days of Self Promotion: Day 7

Something you're just really proud of

That Burns a Building Down - At over 30k, this is my longest White Collar fic, but that's not really why I'm proud of it. This started with a prompt (from the lovely sinfulslasher that was AWESOME but kinkier than anything I'm good at writing, so (much like the cracky "chain-smoking sailboat builder" prompt from the J2 story I talked about the other day) I started turning it around and around in my head until I found a way to capture the heart of the prompt with a plot that made sense to me and appealed to my love of h/c. My goal was to write a Neal who, despite being a smart, strong and resilient man, suffered a slow but eventually frightening deterioration under pressure. I wanted to give him a living/working situation that couldn't be seen as inhumane in any objective way but that would be the right/wrong combination of circumstances to slowly crush him. Clearly, I am very cruel. I also set out to wait a long time for the comfort part of the h/c while interspersing the hurt with porny OT3 flashbacks that would illustrate what Neal had lost.

From the very kind response I got to the story, I think I managed to communicate what I was going for, and that makes me proud. Also, I was lucky enough to get GORGEOUS art made by kanarek13 to illustrate the story. I've linked to AO3 because it's all in one piece there, but it also starts here on LJ.

The Days:
1. Something old
2. Something new - talk about a new fanwork of yours!
3. Something you made for someone else
4. Something you made just for yourself
5. Something for a large fandom/pairing/character
6. Something for a small fandom/pairing/character
7. Something you're just really proud of

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